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Placenta Encapsulation - $350

An Ancient Secret to Postpartum Health

Placentas are honored ceremoniously in many countries and cultures worldwide. Whether through burying the placenta, burning the placenta, or consuming the placenta, sacred ritual is always performed with intention and purpose to honor the spirit and health of the newborn and the mother. 

In Chinese medicine tradition, placentas are revered as a powerful and sacred medicine to be consumed by the mother after childbirth. The placenta is considered to be filled with life force, and is the strongest herb in the Materia Medica for nourishing one's Essence, or vital life force. 

Childbirth can deplete many important substances in the mother's body, as so much energy is put into laboring and birthing. An excess of Qi, Essence, blood, and fluids are expended and lost during the birthing process itself.

According to the Chinese Materia Medica, human placenta, or "zi he che" in Pinyin, acts to tonify the Qi, Blood, and Essence, strengthen the Kidneys (which house the Essence), tonify the Liver (which stores the Blood and commands the Qi), and tonify the Lungs (which gather Qi and regulate the immune system). In these ways it re-energizes the mother, helps keep her immune system strong, and benefits postpartum recovery.

Additionally, zi he che has a special function of promoting lactation, and calming the mind. In this sense, it is a powerful natural remedy for postpartum depressive disorder. 

Placentas contain many nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and hormones that are important for both mother and baby. Recent research shows that the benefits of consuming placenta post-birth include:

  • Increased breast milk production.

  • Increased percentage of protein and lactose in the breast milk.

  • Improved postpartum mood to combat PPD.

  • Increased energy. 

  • Faster postpartum recovery with reduced bleeding

  • More balanced hormones.

  • Increased infant weight gain in breastfeeding babies.

Dr. Cat follows OSHA guidelines for safety and handling of your placenta. 

Interested in getting your placenta encapsulated?

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