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[San Diego] has gained an astounding acupuncturist: Dr. Cat! Her talents are in no way limited to acupuncture as her specialities range from healing touch to kambo and so much more in between.
I have first hand experiences receiving treatments (acupuncture as well as cosmetic acupuncture) as well as sitting in ceremony and receiving kambo. She’s also a phenomenal educator, as I’ve been certified through her in reiki. Her touch is gentle, her presence is peaceful, her knowledge is vast and every moment shared with her is magical.
If you are working on meeting the highest version of yourself, Dr. Cat at SovereignQi Acupuncture will leave you feeling connected to yourself, grounded to the Earth and energized to take on all that each passing day has to offer!


I have been integrating medicine into all areas of my life for years in search of healing and clarity. Cat guided me through my intentions. I was able to meet myself and my wounds with deep compassion and reverence for my ancestors.


Cat's treatments are amazing! I slept soundly with no pain and I had energy this morning for my morning walk. My puppy is so happy. Thank you so much!

I have been wanting to try for a while now. Dr. Cat was so caring and thorough. I felt completely safe and held by her. Thank you!



I can say with absolute certainty that Cat was the most gorgeous medicine facilitator I have EVER seen and experienced. She was born to hold sacred space, and being inside her loving container was a magical experience. I encourage anyone called to the medicine to reach out to Cat.


Cat came to me at the perfect time with the sacred spirit of Kambo. She is a wonderful medicine woman! My first time working with Kambo was incredible. So powerful yet loving. Helped me have a fresh start and see what I should focus on. All wounds can heal.


With Cat's intuitive energy and determined guidance, I was able to explore my personal journey as I struggled for balance. Thank you so much, Cat!

Thanks for an amazing treatment! I feel so rejuvenated!



Cat is a beautiful light that walks into the room. I am grateful for her healing practice. It has helped me grow and release negative energy stored in my body.

You're definitely in good hands and spirit with Cat! She's done Reiki for me, my husband, and my daughter in-person and long distance. The results are never short of amazing. Her positive energy and loving soul definitely comes through in her work. She has helped me keep positive in dark times, helped heal my husband's injured knee, and my daughter get better with common colds and ear infections. We well definitely continue to use Cat for our family's needs! So glad to have found her.



Cathryn is an intuitive healer, I had a Reiki session with her at a time of physical and emotional stress and I walked away feeling centered, focused, and relieved. Highly recommend!


Incorporating a holistic approach for ME has been calming and rejuvenating. It has enabled me to be in control, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thank you.


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