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Hapé - Grandmother Blend

Hapé - Grandmother Blend

This blend is made with the Caapi vine, the sacred vine used in Ayahuasca medicine. This hape connects you to the Spirit of Ayahuasca and the spirits of the jungle. It comes from the Kuntanawa tribe, who states that Ayahuasca connects us to our ancestry, takes us to the spiritual world and reminds us of what we truly are.


Hapé is a traditional Amazonian snuff made from a combination of the ash of trees, bark, leaves, seeds, and other herbs, often combined with sacred ground tobacco leaf, Mapacho. Blends vary based on the tribes who make them. Hapé connects us to the spirits of the forest and the God of Creation. To use it is equivalent to sending up a prayer to Spirit and connecting with the Heavens. 


Hapé should always be used with intention and in a ritual setting.


Size: 5mL / 3g


Disclaimer: This product does not claim to cure or treat any disease.

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